Delicate Diagonals in Brooklyn

My friends Amy and Jesse moved into their fantastic apartment in Fort Green, Brooklyn, less than a year ago, so this is the first chance they’ve had to put their large shared back yard to use over Sukkot. Check out their first year sukkah, with its dreamy fairy lights and living skach. Amy mentioned that they were on a tight timeline this year, and plans for the future include experimenting with wall materials, “all the better to showcase the delicate diagonals that form the wall supports.” Later today, we’ll be back with some ideas for wall materials Amy and Jessie could try in Year 2.

imageCan we talk about how gorgeous green, living skach is? It brings in so much life, and bridges the indoor/outdoor quality of the space. Especially combined with the bright string lights, which are one of my favorite ways to light a sukkah.

image(2)Amy’s favorite part of the sukkah is the “delicate diagonal” pattern created by the wooden support beams. I also love that she brought in a low glass coffee table from her living room to help make the space feel finished.

Thanks, Amy and Jessie!

Check back later today for a roundup of wall materials that don’t suck for Amy and Jessie to try next year.

Got a tip on a Sukkah that doesn’t suck? We want it at


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